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Choosing The Right Dog Kennel For Your Dog

There are a few key factors to consider when purchasing a dog kennel and run, with their safety and comfort being the most important. You may regard the price as a factor and head directly for cheap dog kennels, but disregard this immediately if your main requirement is to ensure a measure of comfort and calm for your pet.


When looking to purchase a dog kennel and run, there are two things to consider:

Kennel Size –
This will generally depend on the size of your dog, and its need for space. Of course, dog kennel size may be limited due to the amount of space in your garden or home, so it is important to take this into account. Although the larger breed will require a larger size, energy levels should also be looked into, as this will determine the shape to go for. For instance, energetic dogs may require a longer, thinner dog kennel for their runs.

Shelter/Comfort –
While this only applies to outdoor dog kennels and runs, the climate of your location should depend on what action to take regarding the shelter and weather protection of the kennel and run. Remember, the dog kennel is a home for your dog; therefore it needs suitable roofing as protect from any weather condition whether it be rain, snow, sun or wind.

Whatever you decide, make sure that decision pays off and your dog finds that measure of calm and comfort in their new kennel and run that you were looking for. Be sure of two things – that you are happy, and most importantly – your dog is happy.

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